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Grin and (Bare) It


I asked one of our younger “testers” to take this project on. Following is her report on ornamenting one’s, um, lady parts:

“I’m not going to lie.” she confesses. “The popularity of ‘vajazzeling’ [or, in the case of Completely Bare in Scarsdale, ‘Vajeweling’] eluded me.” But game researcher that she is, she agreed to undergo the treatment. “The wax wasn’t completely ‘ouch-less’ as advertised, but it was certainly less cringe-inducing than at many other salons, and luckily, the aesthetician was very professional and skillful in the art of small talk. This is no place for modesty. I felt as though I should have stretched first and joked that they should combine the treatment with a yoga session for better time management. The waxing was thorough, very clean without any double dipping, and thankfully, was over relatively quickly”

In addition, our tester says, “I was offered four choices for my below-the-belt bling: a flower, a cupcake, a cherry, and the classiest choice: a lollipop. Trying to maintain a certain level of dignity, I chose the flower. The jewels themselves are applied similarly to a temporary tattoo, with a self-adhesive glue that sets with body heat. Unfortunately mine shifted within an hour, making the flower design look a little wilted, so I would suggest that anyone getting this treatment waits a little longer on the table to ensure the glue sets entirely. You can have the jewels placed as high (or low) as you want, and they’re surprisingly not uncomfortable—I practically forgot they were even there. They ended up lasting about a week, but can easily be removed at any time with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.”

All in all, says our tester, “it was a great waxing experience and I would definitely recommend the treatment to anyone willing to spend the bucks [$115 for the waxing, plus Vajewel]. The Vajewel is borderline ridiculous, but was a fun, personal secret for the week it lasted.”


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