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Going Strong


“Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet coupled with regular exercise goes a long way in staying fit and healthy in the golden years—from healthier and stronger bones to healthier muscles that protect joints,” according to Kelly Napier and Dave Lovello, certified personal trainers at Anytime Fitness in Somers. Seniors who exercise may feel younger, notice improved sleep, and stay active longer than those who don’t exercise, according to Napier. Here, the fitness duo provide tips for seniors who want to stay in tip-top shape:

1. “It’s imperative to eat enough and stay hydrated, especially with regular exercise. Some adults lose their sense of thirst; therefore, it’s important to drink throughout the day.” 

2. “We begin to lose elasticity of connective tissue as we age, which reduces movement and increases the risk of injury. This is why balance-and-flexibility training and core-strength training become vital.”

3. “Ideally, 30 minutes a day of some form of light-to-moderate cardiovascular activity is recommended, coupled with three days per week of resistance training. If 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity seems overwhelming, break it up into three 10-minute intervals.” 



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