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Get Kate Middleton’s Perfect Body


Like most non-royal ladies either side of the pond, I consider full disclosure of anything Duchess Catherine does to achieve her impossibly put-together look something of a divine right.

So when I stumbled upon a Forbes how-to (not my usual source of beauty news) about achieving “The Kate”—Middleton’s deceivingly effortless-looking, blown-out ’do—and didn’t have the required collection of identical round brushes on hand, I turned to the Click n Curl, a hair-styling system that simplifies the concept.

Basically, the set consists of what looks like a normal barrel brush with four extra heads. You blow-dry as usual, except, towards the end, you use the brush to wind hair like you would with a Velcro roller. Click a button on the handle and it releases from the heat-retaining bristled part, allowing you to snap on a new one and repeat until you’re all rolled up. Blast for a few seconds to set, and in few minutes, take/shake it all out.

The Click n Curl people admit it’s a little tricky to get the hang of, but if you’re enticed by the prospect of shorter styling time—and attaining at least one thing Kate has over the rest of us—start practicing your parade wave, princess. 

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