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Full and Untamed Brows Are In


“A nice full brow gives one a softer and more youthful appearance,” says Vicky Modica, brow trainer and specialist for Hudson Boulevard Group in Scarsdale. Here, Modica shares some tips on how to keep our brows full and untamed.

Trim Properly. The optimal brow should start at the bridge of the nose, go up, then begin its decline two-thirds of the way in.

Tweeze Precisely. Tweeze one hair at a time for strays; threading takes out too much hair.

Repair & Regrow. For over-plucked brows, use a brow-regrowth product that contains peptides, which build collagen and help regrow brows by strengthening hair follicles.

Get Tinted. A vegetable-based tint will catch all of the brow’s vellus hair (peach fuzz), fill in gaps and make the brow appear fuller. Don’t try this at home!

Get Feathered. Using a clear gel, start at the head of the brow, then brush up and out toward the tail.

Highlight. Finish by applying a matte highlighter under the brow bone. This will bring focus to the structure of the brow shape and can often give the appearance of an eyelift.


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