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The D’Errico No Flip Diamond line bracelets and necklaces available in three colors — the strong diamond look in white gold and warmth of rose and yellow gold. Beautifully worn by themselves or stacked with all three colors. Available in different diamond sizes and extra-long lengths. From $1,495 to $9,275


About D’Errico Jewelry

D’Errico Jewelry designs and custom creates your dream jewelry right on-site, using state-of-the-art techniques. Bring an idea, even your own stones and precious metals, and we’ll take precise measurements before you leave — there’s no need to part with your stones. We start with a hand drawing, followed by a computer-aided design (CAD) before printing a 3D wax model for your approval. All of the work is completed within our on-site factory. We also repair, size, and clean jewelry while you wait and watch. D’Errico provides Westchester’s most comfortable diamond buying experience.


D’Errico Jewelry
Scarsdale / Mount Kisco

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