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Don't Try These Skincare Procedures at Home





Debbie Palmer, DO, FAOCD, FAAD, dermatologist and author of Beyond Beauty: Proven Secrets to Age Well, Look 10 Years Yonger & Live a Truly Happy, Healthy, Long Life, says DIY can be great but that some skincare procedures should be left to your dermatologist.




Skip the Home Remedies.

“Cinnamon is a great antioxidant to use in foods but terrible for the face. Stay away from citrus fruits, celery, and carrots. These items contain psoralen, which can make skin sensitive to light for 24 hours.”


Don’t Peel.

“Don’t order professional-strength chemicals to perform an at-home chemical peel, or you’ll risk burns and rashes.”


Hands off!

Squeezing pimples makes them worse. “I can perform a spot treatment for acne at my office and will use a comedone extractor to keep the skin safe.”


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