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Craft This Fall Floral Arrangement Perfect for the Season



“Our inspiration for the color palette came from the rich colors of ‘Autumn Beauty’ sunflowers — burgundy, muted coral, and pale yellows, along with cool green, velvety chocolate, deep purple, and dusty pink.”

— Joseph Richard



• Sunflowers
• Dahlias
• Mini hydrangeas
• Scabiosa
• Alstroemeria
• Celosia
• Yarrow
• Millet
• Feathers



1. Use foliage to create structure. We used a combination of lemon leaves and Italian ruscus. The foliage acts as a backdrop for the flowers and a natural grid, so the flowers spill naturally over the vase.

2. Place largest flowers first. Start with the sunflowers and dahlias.

3. Fill in with your small flowers — alstroemeria, scabiosa, mini hydrangeas, celosia. Be sure not to cut the stems too short.

4. Add your texture flowers: the yarrow, millet, and feathers.

5. For a nice surprise, place something edible, like herbs or fruit.



Using yarrow for texture and millet for movement and height completes your arrangement.