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Burn Fat With This CoolSculpting Alternative


If you’re tired of launching New Year’s resolution diets in January just to see them go up in flames by February, help may be on the way in the form of truSculpt iD, by Cutera. This treatment achieves its heralded fat-reduction results by using heat, which is produced by high-frequency radio-wave technology, instead of cold (cryolipolysis), which is the basis of the popular CoolSculpting. truSculpt iD is FDA-approved and targets the fat layer between the skin and the muscle.

It can penetrate a variety of fat densities and all skin types. The targeted fat cells are destroyed and flushed out naturally via the body’s drainage system over a period of four to 12 weeks, with fat reduction typically at about 25 percent.

Dr. Liviu Saimovici, board-certified surgeon and medical director of Advanced Rejuvenation Centers in Purchase, explains the benefits of truSculpt iD aren’t limited to fat reduction and body sculpting. “truSculpt is also safer, less painful, and less expensive than standard CoolSculpting treatments. Additionally, each session takes only 15 minutes, and we can concentrate on multiple areas in a single session.” (Most people need no more than two sessions.)

A noninvasive treatment, truSculpt iD can treat patients with a BMI as high as 30 or above (the first approved heat product on the market to make that claim) and requires no downtime. Dr. Saimovici says it is actually recommended to exercise after a truSculpt iD session.

A truSculpt iD treatment at Advanced Rejuvenation Centers ranges from $750-$2,250, depending on the size and number of areas to be treated. Comparable CoolSculpting treatments routinely cost more than twice as much.

According to the doctor, “truSculpt is designed for permanent fat-cell loss, and because the procedure is heat-based, it actually tightens the skin as it melts fat, which is not the case with CoolSculpting.” Currently, Advanced Rejuvenation Centers offers free consultations with Dr. Saimovici and is the only Center of Excellence in Westchester County, as designated by Cutera.