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Shop Quarantine’s Tie-Dye Fashion Trend at Brown Dyed Girl

Inventory includes tie-dyed accessories and apparel.
Photos courtesy of Brown Dyed Girl

Head to Somers to browse the racks at Brown Dyed Girl, the e-commerce site turned high-end boutique that offers luxe tie-dyed merch.

This year’s work-from-home mandates and limited social calendars had few thinking about the latest high-end fashion craze. Instead, activewear became all the rage. While tie-dye was a top trend for 2019 (as an elevated take on the classic DIY-style born in the ’60s and ’70s), the style became a 2020 quarantine wardrobe staple in the form of comfy loungewear.

Jordan Baker in front of her boutique, Brown Dyed Girl.

As a result, Somers resident Jordan Baker experienced massive success with her then e-commerce brand, Brown Dyed Girl, a collection of tie-dyed apparel and accessories. Baker started the company (whose name is a nod to the Van Morrison song) while working in the fashion industry in NYC last year. She wanted a tie-dyed sweatshirt, realized how expensive it was and decided to create one herself. That turned out well, so she decided to start making merch to sell. Says Baker: “It was then just a side hustle, but as I was getting more successful, I quit my job and started doing it full-time.”

When the quarantine hit, she received more than 1,500 orders for her sets and pieces — some colorful, others muted and monochromatic. With her online presence flourishing, the 24-year-old decided to open her first brick-and-mortar shop, in Somers (280 Tomahawk St, Baldwin Place) in October. The boutique houses her collections of USA-made mommy-and-me outfits, face masks, and matching athleisure sets, giving locals the opportunity to purchase in person the clothing that has adorned models and celebrities alike.