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Beauty Beliefs: True or False?


1. Primer is an integral part of the makeup process.


Skin is like a sponge and will absorb anything that’s applied to it. A primer will provide a barrier between your makeup and your skin and won’t allow your foundation to settle. Primer can color-correct your complexion and even-out the texture of your skin, making your foundation look better and last longer. Just make sure to choose the right primer.

—Meredith Hayman, owner of About Face by Meredith Hayman, Yorktown Heights


2. Generic and name-brand products are created equally.


Even though the ingredients of the products may appear to be the same, the actual percentage of ingredients and the way the products are blended can vary significantly, which affects their absorption. For example, you use the same ingredients to make a pancake and a soufflé, but the outcome is totally different. Certain products mixed together negate each other, rendering them ineffective.

—Lisa Doris, senior aesthetician at Westmed Medical Group


3. Cutting cuticles causes infection.


Cuticles are often mistaken for the live-skin fold overlapping the cuticle at the base of the nail, called the eponychium. Cutting live skin will increase your chance of infection. 

Proper removal of cuticles is done with a liquid cuticle remover and pushing back on the cuticle, using an orange stick.

—Natasha Wood, founder of Brushed Up: Nail Art Studio

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