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A Scarsdale Native Designed The Ultimate Practical Purse


While on the way to her Manhattan job, Scarsdale native Hannah Fastov’s bag got stuck in a turnstile as she was trying to catch a subway. The contents went flying, salad splattered the platform — and a business idea was born: Fastov decided to create an all-purpose purse that could fit everything she needed for early-morning gym sessions and a full day of work.

The 28-year-old, who had a background in product development at Brooks Brothers and Rag & Bone, created a prototype of this “lifestyle bag” and launched her own company, Go Dash Dot, (www.godashdot.com) in 2016. The brand name is a nod to Morse code for the word “go,” which is fitting, Fastov explains, for the “on-the-go lifestyle that every woman lives now.”

Today, her reach extends globally, with bag accessories made by female cooperatives in Bhutan and Kyrgyzstan. With an inventory that includes both lightweight and durable totes, crossbody bags, and backpacks, the eight-member Go Dash Dot team keeps with the trends, offering eye-catching camouflage and neon designs, in addition to classic black