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4 Signs Of A Good Trainer


Because seeking out your training soul mate can feel like an endless cycle of blind dates plus squats, we asked Chris Gala, a personal trainer in Westchester and personal training manager at Equinox (16 Old Track Rd, Greenwich, CT; 203-863-0070 www.equinox.com), what to look for when you’re on the prowl.

1. Multiple Certifications

You want someone who has made it a priority to continue educating himself or herself in the field. “The best trainers,” Gala says, “are lifelong learners. They set out to acquire information about different training methodologies and nutrition.”

2. Personal Evaluation

“It would be irresponsible, and downright dangerous, to start training someone without first knowing what their capabilities, injuries, imbalances, or goals are,” says Gala. “A good trainer will perform a thorough and complete assessment when working with a new client.”

3. Programming

You’ve heard it before: the better prepared, the more secure. In this case, prep work on your trainer’s part is paramount if you’re going to reach your fitness goals. “Before day one, session one, after all the assessments are complete, trainers [should] have at least a six-week plan written out,” Gala recommends.

4. Record-Keeping

“A superior trainer will measure everything,” notes Gala, so make sure yours monitors variables like sets, reps, and rest intervals. “Nutrition, body composition, and workout attendance” are some other things Gala says are important, so make sure your trainer is keeping track in order to maximize your sessions and make better progress.


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