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Bags Of Headless Animals Dumped In Yorktown


A foul stench clouded the air near the New Croton Reservoir in Yorktown as two headless goats, and other mutilated animals, were found in garbage bags this week.

Late Monday night the Environmental Protection Agency discovered the several garbage bags of decomposing animals at the intersection of Route 129 and Underhill Avenue. There was an initial threat of contamination since the nearby reservoir is a part of New York City’s water supply.

The matter was soon turned over to the Humane Law Enforcement (HLE) division of Westchester’s SPCA—available at (914) 941-7797, their hotline’s phone number—who are actively investigating the crime.

A beheaded goat found in Yorktown

“The Public is being urged to contact the SPCA’s Animal Cruelty Hotline with any information that may help us make an arrest in this investigation,” said Shannon Laukhuf, the SPCA Executive Director. “This includes anyone who is missing animals or knows about the dumping or discarding of animals.”

According to Ernest Lungaro, HLE Unit Director, the bags contained decapitated birds along with the headless goats. Necropsies are currently being performed on the animals to determine cause of death, as well as what other animals were involved. Lungaro suspects the bags were dumped during the past several days.

Lisa Bonanno, a spokesperson for the SPCA, stated there appeared to be no cats or dogs among the remains. This crime is however still gruesomely similar to the 25 dead cats found hanging inside shopping bags last April.

Lungaro said that case was still unresolved, and that at this time the two incidents don’t seem to be related. He also said there should be a lot more updates once the necropsies are carried out within the next few days.