Apply Your Vitamins


Here’s a novel way of getting your vitamins every day—in your face cream! EmerginC products are used at top spas around the country—Miraval in Tuscon, Qua at Caesars Palace in Vegas—and of course, found in the medicine cabinets of lovely ladies in the know. The multivitamin and retinol serum ($79) is chock full of good stuff for your skin: vitamins B,C,E,F,H, and K fight free radical damage, reducing wrinkles and strengthening skin, while retinol lessens the redness of roscacea, and green tea and licorice soothe skin. All these goodies are encapsulated, popping open just as you apply to your skin for maximum freshness. Naturally, it’s free of artificial fragrances, colors, and parabens. Available at