Antidote to Laugh Lines

Most anti-aging products focus on stimulating collagen—which is a good thing—but elastin is equally important to retain that youthful glow. Enter Relastin, the only topical cream proven to increase the body’s production of elastin, the magic ingredient that gives skin its elasticity which, sadly, our bodies stop producing around the age of 12 or 13.

Like so many good things, Relastin was discovered while looking for something else. Scientist Jacob Waugh, MD, was researching ways to improve cardiovascular bypass surgery. He treated a vein with a new formulation, harvested the vein, and found it had significantly increased amounts of elastin—an “aha” moment indeed. This work let to elastin-generating stents as well as Relastin, a line of products with a “zinc firming complex” that penetrates the skin to hydrate, tighten, and smooth. Eye Silk ($69) reduces lines, puffiness, and under eye dark circles, while the Skin Revitalizer ($69) is for all-over facial use. Ultra Emollient ($99) adds vitamins, peptides and extracts for extra oopmph.

So go ahead, laugh all you want. Available at