A Taste of South Africa in Downtown Rye

Rye’s new home boutique Sarza offers artfully curated furnishing, fabrics, wall coverings, accents, and more from South Africa.

We just love Sarza, a colorful, new home boutique that opened on Rye’s Purchase Street in April. The shop, which offers an artfully curated array of furnishings, fabrics, wall coverings, accents, and other merchandise from South Africa (as well as a cache of continental artifacts), is a labor of love for owner Sarah Briginshaw, who grew up in South Africa and moved to Rye in December 2015. Sarza’s merchandise selection, mostly sourced from South Africa and Swaziland, features a mix of contemporary motifs and African-heritage design. Prices range from $10 for colorful coasters or a change purse to $800 for bespoke furniture.