A Pleasantville Shop for Beautiful (Fair-Trade) Creations

They showcase handmade, natural items of African origin.

Kimberly House stocks merchandise with an emphasis on the environment and fair trade. Owner Hendrien Dewhurst, a South African native who moved to the US in 1998, opened her pretty shop to showcase “items with African origins that are handmade by local communities, natural, and crafted by protecting the environment through the use of renewable, sustainable, and recycled materials wherever possible.” Find goods by Rain, a fair-trade-accredited company that produces  handmade, natural bath and body products using African ingredients; hand-loomed towels from Mungo; and products made from recycled T-shirt material from Ashanti. Smaller items like soap, made by a blind artisan named Bydon, can be purchased for $4.50, and more intricate pieces, like hand-beaded animals, cost up to $600.

Kimberly House
29 Washington Ave, Pleasantville