A New Bedford Studio Is Transforming the County's Eyebrows

Tamara Palumbo is perfecting the art of the eyebrow at FringeBrow.

“The windows to the soul deserve the perfect frame,” says beauty expert Tamara Palumbo. The Fishkill resident has spent years perfecting the art of the eyebrow through shaping, makeup artistry, and now through the latest trend: microblading. The in-demand Palumbo’s clients have included celebrities such as Beyoncé, Hayden Panettiere, and Jennifer Lopez, and she’s now offering her coveted “Tamara brow” at her new studio, FringeBrow, in Bedford Hills.

A former makeup-and-eyebrow artist at Neiman Marcus and Warren-Tricomi Salon, Palumbo is a proponent of the natural look, seeking to enhance beauty when working with microblading — following the line and pattern of the brow, rather than overdoing it.

While broad brows are in right now, Palumbo says she won’t give clients Kim Kardashian-thickness if they have naturally thin brows. Instead, she educates the client with a consultation. Then, she employs her understanding of color theory (using an all-natural vegetable tint to frame brows) and her unique technique to create a full shape and appropriate thickness.

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The mom of two young twins has worked at the Oscars and other prominent events but is now happy to balance mom life and work life here in Westchester. With a waitlist of potential patrons who eagerly awaited her studio’s launch last May, Palumbo’s reach now includes clients from near and far.