A Legendary Talk

The King and The Greatest: The Day Elvis and Ali Met to Change Their World 

By Tom Schreck (January 2017)

In the mid-1970s, Muhammad Ali, who passed away one year ago last month, reportedly invited Elvis Presley to his training camp in Deer Lake, PA. Longtime Westchester Magazine contributor Tom Schreck delves into the hypothetical discussion these two legends may have had on that fateful day. Schreck, who writes our “Any Questions?” column, leaves no stone unturned in this clever 15-scene stage play. Presley and Ali speak thoughtfully and insightfully on virtually every subject, from fame and family to religion and civil rights. While review copies of the play contain the typical formatting and typographical glitches, fear not: The author says polished copies are en route.  114 pgs, Independently published, $3.70 (pbk)