A Dessert To Die For, From The Inn At Pound Ridge


Butterscotch Pudding with Vanilla Cookie Crumbs and Rhubarb Jam at the Inn at Pound Ridge by Jean-Georges

Just in case you thought that you might escape a visit to the incredibly stylish Inn at Pound Ridge by Jean-Georges without losing your damned mind, that insidious Alsatian genius debuts this dessert: imagine a butterscotch pudding so insanely delicious that you’d sign over your car to get another bite. Served in a sweet little glass jar, this honey-colored pudding feels like cool silk on the tongue, yet it bears a hauntingly homey caramel/brown sugar flavor. Pair this with all the warmth that can be found in a snifter of the Inn’s Larressingle Armagnac; trust me, you will helpless against its charms.