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5 Ways to Stay Fit in Super Cold Weather


If you have glanced at the thermometer lately, you know it is getting pretty cold out there. Weather patterns have brought bracingly cold arctic air down to the county, and those who want to remain fit may have to adjust. We sought out CrossFit Westchester founder and president Chris Guerrero to shed a little light on how you can remain in tip-top shape even during the coldest days.

Warm-Up effectively: “Cold weather equals a recipe for disaster if you don’t warm-up properly,” says Guerrero. “Think about spending five to ten minutes getting your heart rate up, followed by five to ten minutes of dynamic stretching before getting into your training.”

Take your cardio indoors: “Hop into a class at your local functional fitness facility that offers classes involving rowers, air bikes, and stand up ski ergs,” advises Guerrero. CrossFit, boot camp, and Orangetheory are among the programs that offer such machines. 

Try strength training: “If [strength training] is something you normally do, keep it up. If you’re more of an outdoors person—and you live in the Northeast—plan to do some strength training,” says Guerrero. “Even if you hate lifting weights it’s good for you, and will suit you well once it’s outdoor hiking/triathlon/mountain biking season.”

Maintain your diet: “People have the tendency develop so-called ‘winter bodies,’ pack on the pounds, and then start over for the summer,” says Guerrero. “In my book, it’s always beach season. Continue a healthy lifestyle comprised of lean meats, veggies, and healthy fats with limited sugar, grains, and dairy. Get proper sleep and manage your stress levels. This will ensure proper recovery from workouts, especially fighting the winter blues.”

Stay hydrated: “Lack of water will not only affect your overall health, but it will really limit your performance,” explains Guerrero. “People make the mistake of drinking less water during winter months because they feel colder, or aren’t sweating as much.  You should always aim to consume 50% of your body weight in ounces [of water].”


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