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3 Westchester Cities Among America's Most Diverse


The America we see today is vastly different than the America we knew a few decades ago, and the America of tomorrow is hard to predict. The transformation of our nation goes hand-in-hand with waves of immigration bringing in new skills, ideas, and technology. According to a report from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, economies that embrace diversification tend to see more economic growth. So how does Westchester fare in the diversity department?

A recent Wallethub study ranking the most diverse cities in America says not too shabby, actually. After combining data for household, socioeconomic, cultural, and economic diversity, Wallethub tallied scores across 501 of our nation’s largest cities, and three Westchester destinations made the list.

At number 18 sits New Rochelle with a total score of 70.24 across all categories (compared to America’s most diverse city, New York, with a score of 71.73). Just below is Yonkers at number 19 with a score of 70.21, and further down the list at 101 is Mount Vernon, with a total score of 66.87.

Source: WalletHub

When ranked by city size, Yonkers was ranked the fifth most diverse midsize city, and New Rochelle sixth most diverse small city. Mount Vernon placed at number 32 under the small city category.

After looking at the numbers, it seems our county’s cities are very welcoming of new faces. From 2010 to 2015, just over 31 percent of Yonkers’ residents were foreign born, and Hispanics represented close to 19 percent of the population in 2016. It feels great to know our home is accepting of many ways of life, so let’s see where our cities sit this time next year.