Top 3 Spooky Spots In Yonkers

Are you brave enough to visit the creepiest, darkest, and most haunted locations in Westchester’s largest city?

If you thought haunted locations were rare or only the stuff of horror movies and the TV show Ghost Hunters, let this sink in—in Yonkers alone there are nearly 20 spots that are thought to be haunted, and they range from cemeteries to private homes to popular parks. Jason Medina, the author of Ghosts and Legends of Yonkers, shares which three Yonkers locations are the most haunted. Pick up the book for more on these supernatural sites and more than 15 others in Yonkers.

3. Old Public School 13

Photo by Jim.henderson used under Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

The school was allegedly damaged by a fire in the early 1900s, killing students and teachers, and the building was eventually turned into apartments in the early 2000s. Residents have reported seeing apparitions and the voices of children laughing and crying.

2. St. Joseph’s Cemetery

In his book, Medina reports several encounters with spirits at this cemetery including apparitions hovering above graves and screams that are unlike any sound he’s heard. Medina offers two caveats: It is illegal to trespass at night, and these ghosts have a tendency to follow you home.

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1. Untermyer Park

Photo by Ronala43 used under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 unported license

The park has a long and disturbing history. David Berkowitz (“Son of Sam”) was known to conduct “black masses” and animal sacrifices at the park. Samuel Untermyer, who owned the property in the early 1900s, was once accused of being a satanist. In his book, Medina says there are known to be unexplained images in photos taken in the park as well as disembodied voices.

Untermyer Park circa 1900