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3 Courses For Under $30 in Westchester? Yup.


Eastchester Fish Gourmet of Scarsdale has revamped its long-time — and quite popular — Early Bird Special.

In the winter months from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. from Monday to Thursday, the restaurant is offering a three-course tasting menu for $28.95 per person. It includes generous small plates for sharing in an atmosphere ideal for unwinding after a long day at work.

This new menu is “designed by the way people eat during the week,” explains Monica Lavin, the company’s CFO (Chief Fish Officer) who manages the restaurant’s marketing, inventory, and sales. She noticed their previous three-course Early Bird Special was too much food for the average weekday diner. Since many restaurant-goers are more cost-conscious and prefer to eat lighter/healthier during the week, the restaurant created a new tasting menu with smaller portions at a lower cost.

Photo by Gina Valentino

The menu includes the popular ahi tuna nachos with sesame wontons, guacamole, pickled ginger, and wasabi; creamy and fish-packed New England clam chowder, and crunchy, crispy octopus plated on a bed of shaved fennel, pickled onions, and candied and tangy lemon vinaigrette. Their fish is hand-selected from the Fulton Fish Market in the Bronx every night by staff and delivered to the restaurant and their own fish market just four doors down from the eatery. They import scallops from Nantucket Bay, shrimp from the west coast of Mexico, lobster from Maine, dover from England, and wild king salmon from Alaska. Their fish is always fresh, nothing frozen.

Founder, Rick Ross, is committed to quality and consistency. Lavin says, “So many people who thought they didn’t like fish were introduced to fish at Eastchester Fish Market.” So take even your least aquatic food-loving friend or family member and see if they won’t change their mind after sharing a few plates.

The perfect-for-sharing size portions don’t stop at the fish however. Their specialty soufflé is big enough to share too (but you may not want to). A dessert not readily offered at many other restaurants because of its baking time, this light and fluffy sweet uniquely sets your meal apart at Eastchester Fish Gourmet. The cloud-like dessert is excellent and comes in either chocolate, Grand Marnier or Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Photo courtesy of Eastchester Fish 

In the roughly 2,000 sq. foot interior that seats 76, you are sure to feel comfortable — the dimmed lighting is soft on your eyes after a long day of staring at a screen and the attentive service allows for a quick meal at the end of a workday.

Eastchester Fish Gourmet
837 White Plains Rd, Scarsdale
Restaurant: 914.725.3450 ext 1
Fish Market: 914.725.3450 ext 2


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