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The decision to buy or lease a new car is almost as old as the automobile industry itself. And just like other considerations that come into play when choosing a car, determining whether you should buy or lease is a personal decision with many factors to weigh.

Lifestyle: Are you someone who likes to have a new car every three years or so? A driver who is drawn to the newest model each time one is released? Then a lease may be right for you. A lease allows you to enter a long-term contract for the use of the vehicle and make regular monthly payments for typically three years.

Perhaps you prefer to own your vehicle outright and have the right to sell the car at any time? Consider financing in order to purchase your new car, and you may have options on how long you finance. “Each customer has his or her own unique and individual needs,” says Marko Cvitkovac, Master Certified – Sales Manager of Mercedes-Benz of White Plains. “At Mercedes-Benz of White Plains, we take those specific needs into account when making the lease vs. buy decision. We will listen to your wants and help you in a direction that works best for you, and we will make a decision that best suits your unique lifestyle.”

For a low interest rate car loan or a great lease in Westchester County, visit the experts at Mercedes-Benz of White Plains. They help people get the car loans and leases that fit their budget.

Down payment/monthly payments: With a lease, your monthly payments and down payment are both typically lower than financing a new car since you are, in essence, paying for usage of the vehicle during the term of the lease. At the end of the lease, you have the option to purchase the vehicle or turn it in and enter into another lease for a new vehicle. With financing, however, when all payments are made, you own your Mercedes-Benz. “The advantage the customer will have at Mercedes-Benz is, when you come into the dealership, we make sure your expectations are met and exceeded,” says Cvitkovac. “Every lease or purchase is custom fit to who you are and what meets your individual needs.”

Other considerations: With a lease, there are limits on the number of miles driven during the lease period, and you will incur additional per-mile fees if you go over these limits. It’s a good idea to have a clear understanding of how many miles per year you typically drive before entering into a lease agreement.

If you are using the vehicle for business purposes, however, a lease may present some tax advantages.

Whether you are leasing or buying, it is recommended that you follow the maintenance schedule outlined in your Owner’s Manual, and all service and repairs should be done at the dealership. “At Mercedes-Benz of White Plains you will receive impeccable customer service, and so will your vehicle,” says Cvitkovac. “Each and every one of our employees values each customer that comes through our service drive, and that is why Mercedes-Benz of White Plains’ customers value us.”

Mercedes-Benz of White Plains has been proudly serving our neighbors in Westchester County, Bronxville, Scarsdale, Yonkers, and the surrounding areas for 40 years, and our commitment to providing extraordinary service continues to grow each and every day. We are proud to be a member of the Pepe Auto Group, Westchester’s Largest Luxury Auto group. Mercedes-Benz of White Plains was rated Dealer of the Year for New York in 2012 by Dealer Rater based on our customer reviews.

Mercedes-Benz of White Plains

50 Bank Street
White Plains NY 10606
914-949-4000, 888-322-1269


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