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If you’re looking to transform your bathroom or kitchen with the freshest ideas, the possibilities range from the purity of whites to the incomparable drama of noir shades. Between the extremes, pale neutrals, smoky metallics and floral or geometric patterns add endless options for keeping your spaces up to date.

These are the latest looks, and you can find what you need to create them at one of our four Best Plumbing Tile & Stone showrooms, located in Scarsdale, Somers, Yorktown and Stamford, CT. 

Best Plumbing Tile & Stone has been focused on providing unrivaled customer service to retail and trade clients alike for over 50 years. Our four frequently updated showrooms offer the area’s most comprehensive selection of high-quality plumbing fixtures and tile.

Start planning for your new look by considering the effect you want to create. For a light touch, try the most basic of basics – white. It’s true that white goes with anything, but consider whites with whites, matched in a crisp, clean look or blended for that up-in-the-clouds feel.

Black can add glamour. A black-and-white contrast is forever striking, but for a look with more gravitas, add a dash of bronze to black. Explore those possibilities and more to breathe freshness into a feeling of Hollywood’s Golden Age drama, or capture the imagination with a retro-futuristic look.



Create a scene of quiet grace with pale neutral colors. Try bleached metals, ice blue or blush buff sand. Remember that lighter colors make smaller rooms look larger and more inviting. Darker colors, on the other hand, make a room feel more intimate; use them to add coziness.

And bold colors add some flash. Add variety to the look with blood orange, tangerine, black plum. Blend pink and ruby for a pairing of related hues, or highlight a contrast with ultramarine and black. Looking for some modern industrial pop? Try machine red. If greens are your favorites, try emerald.

For something innovative yet classic, mirrored metallic, metallic veins and colors such as amber brown and Bronze Age create a smoky, sultry atmosphere.

Looking for a touch of liveliness? Floral patterns – oversized, distorted or midnight florals – add splashes of color. Geometric patterns catch the eye. Colored woods add originality and warmth. Wilder prints evoke either far-off locales, with jungle foliage or birds of paradise, or the abstract, with a can’t-look-away “digital glitch” pattern.

Visit one of our four showrooms and speak with our knowledgeable sales team to create the space you are looking for. Unexpected guests are always welcome, always the Best price.