Westchester Magazine July 2010

Trivia Nights to Check out for Fun With Friends in Westchester

Consider yourself a brainiac? Head over to these Westchester trivia nights for your chance to win a gift card, or free round of beer!

Town Watch

BUCHANAN—Governor Andrew Cuomo declared his intention to get Indian Point closed on his watch....

Beautiful Moves

Aesthetician extraordinaire Julie Pipolo, formerly of Static Salon, is opening her own salon, Skin N.Y., in the Westchester Laser Center on June 1

Talk of the County

Cold-weather workouts, foodie films, and more.

Julia Sexton's Yonkers Travels with Baron Ambrosia

This month's issue featured a wild and hilarious food crawl with Baron Ambrosia, aka...
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Westchester Dating Service a Scam, Court Says

The State Supreme Court ordered the owner of a Westchester-based dating service that stood...

Flight to Westchester with Glenn Beck and Dinner at His House: $85,000 and Climbing

The popular though controversial Fox News host is auctioning off a dinner at his...


Where Does “Upstate” Start?/ In the Swim

America's Fastest Road Are in…Westchester!

You can call us Westchesterites many things, but slow drivers ain’t one of ’em:...
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