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Local exhibitions at the art gallery, transFORM, in New Rochelle have begun catching the attention of artists from around the world. They are following in the footsteps of Polish artist, Lubomir Tomaszewski, who has been exhibiting his artwork with transFORM Gallery since 2011 and has been their most successful artist to date. The compelling life’s work of Tomaszewski, and his recent honors and exhibitions at the United Nations and the Polish Consulate have generated even more excitement about what is happening at transFORM.

transFORM’s unique blend of art and interior design is an attractive vehicle for artists to break into the crowded New York contemporary art scene. The 3,000-square-foot former industrial space that has become transFORM Gallery hosts many diverse exhibitions each year and functions as a showroom for their home storage designs. Each one-of-a-kind, custom designed closet and built-in storage fixture made at transFORM is an expression of their client’s passions, lifestyle, desires and tastes, much like the art displayed in their gallery. Interior design and decorating have a need for the energy, mood and life that is brought into a space by original artwork.

transFORM artist, Lubomir Tomaszewski, was honored for his lifetime of accomplishments with the Exhibition, Emotions, in Geneva, Switzerland, at the United Nation’s Palace of Nation’s Mezzanine Gallery where they staged works by Andy Warhol in 2013. His artwork captures the raw energy of nature in metal, wood and stone and depicts the innate freedom in animals and the motion of dancers.

Tomaszewski, whom The New York Times called “a sculptor of movement,” has to his credit more than 150 individual and collective exhibitions that have been presented throughout the world. His work can be found in the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, National Museum in Warsaw, National Museum in Krakow, Warsaw Uprising Museum, Hale Museum in Germany, Lawrence Rockefeller and the Rockefeller family private collection, the collection of Jimmy Carter – President of the United States, and many more.

The Emotionalist Artists Group, founded in 1994 by Lubomir Tomaszewski, celebrated its 20th anniversary and Tomaszewski’s 91st birthday at the Polish Consulate in Manhattan. Tomaszewski left Poland for the united States in 1966 to create works based on his own beliefs and not based on the orders or ideology of the Soviet government in Poland at the time.  In that spirit, the Emotionalists’ work is truly representative of our common human experiences of emotion and expression. The group has in its mission, the return to the natural language of art that seeks to awaken deep emotions in the viewer. The Emotionalists’ members are photographers, painters, illustrators and graphic artists who have had many exhibitions in the United States, Germany, Denmark, France, and Poland.

Italian International photographer and artist, Sebastiano Vitale, approached transFORM last year after they were recommended to him as a place to exhibit. Vitale is exhibiting works at transFORM from his Raw Horse Project, photographed in Argentina. Vitale describes the Raw Horse Project as an hymn to the relationship between the horse and the human being. “In a world that is nervously seeking a reason for its existence, amongst hate, finance, war and the digital reproduction of life, the horse represents pure beauty, peace and freedom. The horse is the most valuable treasure of the third millennium.” says Vitale. 

Vitale worked as a photojournalist for media outlets covering such newsworthy topics as drug trafficking in South America and the human rights issues surrounding the practice of dark magic in Africa prior to starting his equestrian photography. His work has been featured and reviewed in news outlets throughout the world, including, Wired, the New York Times, El Pais, the Boston Globe, and the BBC. Having developed an international reputation for his photography, Vitale was hired to photograph the horse of the Rolling Stones’ guitarist, Ronnie Wood, while visiting California.

From Cadaques, Spain, artist, Ricardo Ravetllat, contacted transFORM this Winter. He is a relentless world traveler, whose firsthand experiences of different cultures has greatly enriched his work. Ravetllat’s unique and personal mixed media technique imbues his images with warmth and understated elegance. Ravetllat’s great admiration for ancient cultures make his pieces stand out against the usual currents of today’s art trends. The collection exhibited at transFORM was inspired by religious paintings of the Middle Ages, however, they are not religious works themselves, but introspective and meditative works for the artist. Ravetllat currently resides alternately between Berlin, Germany and Punta del Este, Uruguay where he produces and exhibits his work.

transFORM Gallery Art Director, Kara O’Neill, “There are so many talented and creative people that add to our Gallery experience. When artwork is combined with our custom cabinetry, there’s a whole synergistic effect that’s created.” Since it’s opening, transFORM Gallery has collaborated with local artists and civic organizations to support the advancement of the arts and non-profit groups.  Gallery owner, Andreas Messis, “This is a wonderful opportunity for us. We have a space that supports imagination and innovation, and through that, the community at large.”

For more information, visit transformgallery.com, call 914.500.1000, email info@transformgallery.com, or visit us at 20 Jones St New Rochelle, NY 10801, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM and Saturday 10AM-4PM.

transFORM designs, manufactures and installs custom closets, home offices, wall units, and a variety of cabinetry that maximizes your storage and beautifies your home. To schedule a free in home consultation visit transformhome.com or call (914) 500-1000.

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