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Pioneered by Mercedes-Benz in the late 1980s, Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vehicles provide many car buyers with the best of both worlds—they can purchase an affordable car that has been previously owned with the assurance that it has been thoroughly inspected, and the dealership will stand behind the car through a warranty program. Plus, car buyers save time and money as necessary repairs have already been made by the manufacturer.

But how do you know if you are getting a good deal on a CPO Vehicle?

First, luxury cars are especially attractive as an option, as there is less depreciation—one of the reasons why luxury CPO vehicles are in high demand. Car buyers also want peace of mind that their CPO vehicle will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty program. For example, if you buy a CPO through Mercedes-Benz, not only will you be covered under the car’s original 4-year/50,000-mile warranty, but Mercedes-Benz will provide an additional year’s warranty after the original warranty expires with unlimited mileage. Mercedes-Benz also offers the option to obtain a 2-year warranty.

Insiders recommend that car buyers thoroughly inspect the warranty, because what is covered can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. For example, Mercedes-Benz’s warranty extends to the engine, powertrain, steering, suspension, brakes, electrical system, climate control system, and more. “Our cars, our team, and our service are the best in the business, and so is our warranty,” says the Certified Pre-Owned Sales Manager at Mercedes-Benz of New Rochelle. “If that rare occasion happens and you need to use the warranty, we will pick your car up and drop off a Mercedes-Benz loaner vehicle right in your driveway! No one services our clients like we do.”

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles are also attractive to buyers because repairs that are covered by the warranty can be made at any of the manufacturer’s dealerships. You should also ask if there are any additional fees for warranty-covered service, parts, or labor.

In addition to the warranty, car buyers should go over the certification checklist to ensure that all components have been thoroughly inspected and ask for a list validating that the vehicle has been inspected properly. For example, to qualify for Pre-Owned Certification, a Mercedes-Benz vehicle must meet stringent criteria and pass a rigorous inspection—including a 13-point Engine Compartment check; 16-point Engine Component & System Condition check; 17-point Undercarriage/Drive Train inspection; 26-point Chassis/Body inspection; and 32-point Appearance inspection—to make sure there are no scratches, dents, or dings.

Buying a Certified Pre-owned vehicle from us takes the stress out of car shopping. With Mercedes-Benz’s strict guidelines on certification, and our commitment to customer satisfaction, you are guaranteed a great vehicle, great value and peace of mind,” says the CPO Sales Manager.

It is also recommend that buyers inquire about the availability of a 24/7 roadside assistance program in case you experience any car trouble down the road.

Mercedes-Benz of New Rochelle (formerly Pepe Luxury Cars) is located in the heart of New Rochelle and serves the tri-state area, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Yonkers, and New Rochelle. A proud member of the Pepe Auto Group, the dealership is staffed by all Certified and Master Certified Mercedes-Benz professionals with many years of experience and has a large selection of both new and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz of New Rochelle

77 East Main Street
New Rochelle, NY 10801


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