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When you have children, establishing and maintaining a clutter-free home can be very challenging. However, with a cool mindset and careful planning, it can be done.



The best way to approach this task is by ordering a family meeting in which everyone can discuss the household’s most trying areas. Once determined, you can introduce some good habits like the ones below to keep your home organized at all times.


FOR THE ENTRYWAY. A methodized mudroom is the answer to nearly all of life’s issues. Organize your home’s entryway so that it’s easy to find essentials as you’re rushing out the door. Think over your family’s routine, make a list of your most used items and invest in mobile storage like wicker baskets.


FOR THE PLAYROOM. Encourage playtime with creatively used storage units. Whether your kid enjoys scrapbooking or building model airplanes, a craft room will make a great studio for their innovative endeavors. Create a cozy corner to spark your child’s imagination, complete with a useful combination of drawers and cabinets.


FOR THE BEDROOM. Provide your children with easy ways to clean up after themselves. Specifically, use low shelving and labelled storage bins for all their toys and gadgets. A clean room won’t overstimulate their senses, distract them, make relaxation difficult, or trigger guilt for letting things get out of control. In fact, a clutter-free space helps improve study habits and promotes healthy living.


FOR THE CLOSET. Make it simple for your child to choose their outfits by streamlining their wardrobes. Start by taking out the articles of clothing that they no longer wear. Then, create a hanging section with matching items for them to pick from. Custom cabinetry offers the opportunity to inspire the good nature of putting things away, so those nice, new outfits can stay off the floor and make it through the remainder of the school year.


FOR THE GARAGE. Once the warm weather arrives, your garage will be overflowing with bikes, scooters, and seasonal sports equipment. Capitalize on space by adding functional and fashionable accessories like an aluminum wall track. This versatile system not only makes it easier for the kids to locate items, but also adds a feminine aspect to the home.


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