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There’s a lot of speculation at the beginning of each year about what the newest trending colors in interior design will be. With all of the ‘best’ guesses and peculiar color names flying around, it can be a bit disorienting for a homeowner looking to make a timely update to their home’s style. We here at transFORM have cut through the media clutter to give you our well-informed color forecast for Westchester’s homes in 2015.


Soft & Sumptuous

Whether you call them powdery or frosted pastels, muted neutrals or simply champagne and beige, the palate for 2015 definitely includes the blush family of colors. These soft, dusty pinks, beiges, light aquas and mint greens provide room for this years other trend of shockingly bold colors to accent the room and add a splash of fun without looking stark or out of place. The softer pastel colors cover larger areas and provide the warmth and mood that the rest of the rooms design will be based on. 


Bold & Natural

Bold sky and tropical ocean blues as well as deeply bright and verdant natural greens are this year’s go to attention getting colors. These colors mimic nature and work fantastically in spaces with this year’s soft and natural neutrals. They accomplish bringing pops of color to your interiors without being too loud or an eye soar. These bright blues can be found with names like serene or moody blue, even seaport and greek blue. The greens have fun names like sour green apple and deep citrus. Ignore the fancy color names and trust your gut to find the bold trending color that balances your space without overwhelming it’s style.


Heavy & Metal

The contrasting and cooling effects that metallic colors bring with them are definitely a highlight in this year’s color forecast. This is an extension of the mid-century modern trend of the past few years. Big metal hardware and long glossy metal elements in built-ins and furniture add a retro blend. These metallic elements work especially well when paired with dark brown and textured wood grains. The contrasting mixture of solid tones and texture as well as sleek high gloss metal and matte wood finishes combine to create richness and depth in the space.


Opposites & Attraction

The next new trend is also a contrasting color combination. This year, combinations of black, grey, and white paired with red, yellow and orange are in. Soft, neutral greys with harder, dark grey edges or trim and a very light grey ceiling are definitely in this year for a monotone option. The whites, greys and blacks are commonly included in high gloss finishes to add some attention to the understated colors. These shaded combinations are being offset by loud and fun accent colors. 1960s-style sunny shades of red, yellow and orange are being used to add punches of color to these rooms. They make quite the impression, but use them sparingly because these colors can really draw focus in their muted environment.


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