How to Winterize Your Westchester Home Before the Cold Season

Photo by Adobe Stock | rh2010

Local experts share how to prepare your house for the colder months ahead so it’s cozy as can be even on the chilliest of evenings.

“I love pillows in luxe, soft fabrics, like velvet, cashmere, or sherpa, to make a room feel cozy. Opt for the deep, rich, jewel tones. I love to add stacks of books on the end tables or coffee table — an invitation to curl up and relax. Lit candles add a beautiful dimension. If you enjoy fresh flowers in your home, try a chalky black vase instead of crystal for the fall and winter months. The sharp contrast will make tulips or other seasonal flowers look dynamic and vibrant.”
—Debra Funt, Debra Funt Interiors

“With plants being all the rage (fiddle leaf and olive trees), we like to bring in faux foliage to act as seasonal greenery, such as red or yellow branches in the fall or faux-snow-frosted pine cones for a centerpiece. Changing pillows and throws that have more seasonal colors can also prep your home for the change in season. Thick and cozy throws make you want to snuggle up next to a fire with a cup of tea.”
—Erin Coren & Lina Galvão, Curated Nest Interiors

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“While there are many important decisions to make in preparing one’s home for the colder months, if you’re not a Bob Villa-type do-it-yourselfer, the most important step would be to have a professional roofer, plumber, and electrician’s phone number on speed-dial. Murphy’s Law says you’re going to need them at the least-convenient time of the winter season.”
—Michael Murphy, Murphy Brothers Contracting

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