Summer's Must-Have Outdoor Home Goods

Candles, pillows, and other essential life-enhancements for the warmer months.

Summer is most definitely upon us, and there’s no better feeling than being at a home with every seasonal flourish right at your fingertips. Here are our five requisite outdoor items for cozy June-September living. 

1. Summer-Scented Candle
Walk into your home and smell the breeze and ocean. Try Jo Malone’s classic nectarine blossom and honey scent.

2. Popsicle Molds
Make your own quick-preparation fruit-ice pops–the ideal summer treat.

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3. Beverage Dispenser
Healthy, fruit-infused flavored water or lemonade will always be ready with one of these handy gadgets.

4. Collected Shells

Gather your family shell collection, spray paint them gold (silver or rose gold work as well), and place them in a clear, glass vase for a beautiful DIY summer centerpiece.

5. Colorful Pillows

Inexpensively switch up your home décor and give it a brighter vibe for the summer with pastel or summer-inspired fabrics.