This Summer Flower Arrangement Will Brighten Your Westchester Home

The White Plains-based Damselfly Flowers shares a whimsical arrangement that’s perfect for celebrating the warm days ahead.


  • Raspberry scabiosa
  • Pink peony
  • Spray roses
  • Quicksand roses
  • Toffee roses
  • Yellow, peach & pink ranunculus
  • Leucothoe
  • Asparagus fern

“Inspired by the bountiful blooms surrounding us this time of year, this ethereal arrangement is augmented by botanicals you can find in backyards across Westchester!”
— Clarissa Marino, COO, Damselfly Flowers


  1. Choose a vase that will best suit your space. To support the arrangement’s stems, create a grid out of tape across the top of the vase (think lattice, like when making a pie!).
  2. Begin with greens. Start with designing the length, with taller greens on one side. Gradually bring them down toward the other end, creating a high-low effect. Don’t be afraid to have greens draping down the side a bit, for additional dimension.
  3. Start with the largest blooms and sporadically place an odd number throughout the greens. Decreasing in size, continue spacing flowers in a variety of directions. While the design may feel a bit messy, ultimately the blooms will appear just as they would in a natural garden scene.
  4. Add your smallest flower in varying lengths, to create a whimsical effect. This can be a tiny ranunculus bud that has yet to bloom.
Floral arrangement for summer
Photo by Tim Voytek

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