Meet the Fockers…in Chappaqua?

Ben Stiller recently may have checked out a gorgeous nine-bedroom, six-and-a-half bath home on a 12-acre compound in Chappaqua, but he’s not buying it, or so says Petra Contrada, the listing agent for the manse who works for RE/MAX Power Realtors in Harrison.

The majestic yellow 1929 home with six soaring columns at the entrance obviously didn’t do it for the Meet the Fockers star. Bill and Hill also looked at the house, which is on the market for a mere $4 million. It wasn’t right for them either, a source told us, although Bill fell in love with the owner’s book collection of works by Samuel Johnson and his contemporaries. (Most of the books have since been sold to collectors and academic institutions, we’re told. Meanwhile, Bill is still looking for a house with major-sized living and dining rooms.) “They loved the property,” the source said of the Clintons, “but it just didn’t meet their purposes.”

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In addition to its 15 rooms and high ceilings, the house overlooks a lake, has a guest house and a pool with a waterfall, a carriage house, a cottage, and a barn. And it’s going to be one of the hot items at a luxury home auction event on June 29. Not because it’s in foreclosure, but because that’s a new trend these days in a slow market. Check it out the details with Contrada. You might get a bargain.

Or drive by. We’ll even give you the address: 780 King Street in Chappaqua. But don’t just knock on the door and expect to get a look inside. It’s by appointment only—for pre-qualified buyers, of course.