Make Your Kitchen Glow With These 6 Metallic Details

You don’t need to resort to painting your whole kitchen for a warm feel — just add some metallic touches instead

If you’re craving a way to give your kitchen a cozy, warm feel, you don’t need to resort to painting your walls a fall color such as cranberry red or harvest gold. Instead, there’s a subtler trick for heating up your kitchen: adding warm metallic finishes.

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What exactly are warm metallics? Copper, brushed brass and rose gold are good examples. In contrast with the more commonly seen metallic finishes in chrome or stainless steel kitchens — which, like silver jewelry, emit cool tones — these golden-hued metals are considered warmer colors. Introducing these metallics in a kitchen can make it glow not only with warmth, but also with up-to-date style. Warm metallics change the color scheme and add a sparkling feature in your kitchen, without actually introducing a new color.

Here are tips on how to bring this benefit to your heart of the home with typical kitchen accessories and details.


Cabinet Hardware

Today hardware for kitchen cabinets can be found in many finishes, from brushed brass to polished chrome. If your existing kitchen has mostly stainless steel or chrome, you may be wondering if you need to change out every item. The answer is a definite “no.” Mixing metals is a great way to create a balanced, styled look. Think of the mix as creating an interesting color combination. Remember, white isn’t always paired with white, and similarly, layering different colored metals can provide depth and interest in a kitchen. A metallic element in brushed brass or copper can balance colder fixtures.

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Costs per pull start at just a few dollars and can typically suit every budget. Whether you have traditional, sleek, white or colorful cabinets, swapping out your existing hardware for a drawer pull in a stylish metallic hue will instantly transform the look of your kitchen.

Fox Force Five Construction, original photo on Houzz


When adding a metallic hue, subtlety is key. Be sure to select a hardware style that complements your existing cabinets. In this photo, a more traditional cabinet pairs well with hardware that is also traditional or transitional in design.

When choosing hardware that brings the bling, be mindful of the number of pulls you’ll need. A gold or brushed brass handle may catch the eye more than classic chrome, so when many cabinet pulls are needed, a thinner handle or smaller pull may be the best choice: still shiny, yet elegant. The goal is to choose something that subtly and seamlessly blends with your existing cabinets and kitchen elements.

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In addition to cabinet hardware, faucets can be found in golden hues of copper and brass these days. A faucet in a warm metallic can brighten your kitchen as well as highlight any new golden cabinet hardware.


 Thomson Lavers Architects Ltd, original photo on Houzz


But you needn’t have warm-toned cabinet pulls to choose a warm metallic faucet. In this photo, brushed brass becomes an artful statement in a sleek kitchen where hardly any other metals show. The simple touch of gold adds a warm element to the minimalist white space, softening the stark contrast of the dark gray lighting fixtures.


Perfect Trades Llc, original photo on Houzz


If switching to a gold faucet isn’t on your short list, you might try blending your existing chrome or stainless steel fixtures with other kitchen elements in a shade of copper or gold. This is where the style of mixed metals can flow together without seeming discordant. In this kitchen, a standard chrome faucet works well with updated brass hardware. The paleness of the white counter allows the coolness of the chrome faucet to blend in and not create such a stark contrast to the gold pulls below.

As a general rule, when mixing metals in the kitchen, limit yourself to just two hues, like brushed steel and brushed brass. Sticking with one type of finish, such as brushed for both the steel and brass, will help the mixed metals coordinate. Also, try to have at least two items in each of the metals. So if the faucet is chrome, then ideally there should be at least one other cool metal fixture or accessory in the kitchen.



Kitchen lighting is one of the most exciting places to add metallic flair. Pendant lighting in particular is well-suited to showcase a shot of metal. Often found above a counter, island or dining table, pendant lighting ideally complements the size and shape of the surface below. For example, if you have a long island, then three medium-size pendants might be suitable. If your lighting is above a smaller round table, then just one warm metallic hanging pendant light that is no more than one-third the width of the table might be appropriate.


Highgate House, original photo on Houzz


These copper pendants add a glam statement as well as a bit of warmth to the sleek kitchen style. Functionally, they also suitably illuminate the counter. Try introducing one or two smaller accessories within the same golden family to make the space feel more cohesive.


THE GOOD GUYS, original photo on Houzz


In this photo, polished brass lighting mixes with stainless steel and wood. The shiny brass creates a standout feature against the black cabinets, while its combination with wood gives this black-and-white kitchen a rustic-glam vibe.



Look to the seating in your kitchen for another creative way to add a splash of metal decor. If you have a bar or island, a metallic stool can make your space sing.

Likewise, a table that’s in the kitchen or in its own nook will look fabulous with stylish metallic dining chairs featuring a different and warmer metallic hue. You can also mix in a different colored metal or brightly colored upholstery for those bar stools or chairs.


Backsplash or Accent Wall

For those willing to make a larger commitment, going glam with a backsplash is the ultimate metallic statement. Backsplashes in gold-finished brick or a painted gold foil make your kitchen glow.

Increation, original photo on Houzz


To keep the room grounded and not too futuristic-looking, complement your sleek metallic backsplash with wooden textures. From a wooden pepper mill to a walnut cutting board and larger accents like a wooden counter or bar stools, the contrasting texture will enhance the warmth of your metallic finish and add a softer feel to the shiny surfaces.

Painting or wallpapering an accent wall or shelf may be the better option for those curious about the benefits of metallics but less certain. Minimizing wall decor and accessories can really highlight this feature in your kitchen.



If replacing your hardware or installing anything semipermanent sounds like too much of a commitment, try swapping out everyday accessories for shiny alternatives. Shelving is a great opportunity to showcase a collection.

Finally, look around your kitchen for anything that isn’t nailed or glued down or terribly expensive. A teakettle or fruit bowl are easy, budget-friendly ways to bring a warm golden touch to your kitchen.

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