Living Space

Claire Paquin: Clean Design Partners

Location: Pelham

This house is a beautiful Victorian built in 1900 with large, open spaces running across the front of the house, including the living room, foyer, and dining room, so they are all visually connected. The frequency-pattern drapes in the living room inspired the jewel-tone palette featuring berry-purple and teal. Curved-back chairs, a smoky gray acrylic table, and a ribbon light fixture add funky touches to this colorful living space. 


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Photography by Sylvain Côté

Sylvain Côté: Absolute Green Homes

Location: Scarsdale

This brand-new living space was transformed from a storage area into a multifunctional room. Although it is not the main living space in this Scarsdale home, it certainly could function as such, thanks to its open design and ample amenities, including games, large TVs, seating areas (perfect for any game day), a bar, and a wine cellar. The sliding barn door allows the space to be compartmentalized, so kids and grown-ups can be together but not cramp one another’s style. And though the room is in the basement, it certainly doesn’t feel like it, thanks to natural light. 


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Photography by Regan Wood

Claire Paquin: Clean Design Partners

Location: Scarsdale

This formal living space is not used on a daily basis, but it needed to accommodate ample seating for when the homeowners entertain. It is also one of the first rooms guests see when entering the home, so it needed to make a great first impression. Because the space is long, designer Claire Paquin created two seating areas and connected them with a large Tencel rug. The sofa and rug have a warm, neutral palette, so Paquin added pops of color through accessories and other pieces. She brought in berry purple and golden yellow, to make the space vibrant and sophisticated.