Hosting Tips for This Holiday Season in Westchester

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Local interior designer Renae Cohen shares helpful advice for hosting your Westchester County holiday party in style this year.

The holidays are a time for your home to shine. Your décor does not change, but it is a time to enhance, celebrate, and make family and friends feel welcome, comfortable, and special. Local interior designer Renae Cohen, based in Irvington, shares some ace advice for cruising through the season as a holiday host in Westchester.

1. De-clutter.

Make room for holiday decorations that only come out once a year. Let them take center stage.

2. Candles are a must.

Try those with your favorite holiday scent for ambiance and unscented votive candles and tapers for your holiday table.

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3. Only use fresh flowers and plants.

Faux flora belongs in department stores, not in your home. Stimulate everyone’s senses, both sight and smell, with your favorite holiday greenery and flowers.

4. It’s time to add some sparkle.

Bring out the silver or gold accents, whichever you prefer. Mix it in with your décor, and add to your table settings to make everyone feel festive.

5. Stock your bar with holiday favorites.

Linen cocktail napkins and crystal barware add the special touch. Leave the paper napkins and plastic glasses for the office parties.

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6. If you have a fireplace, keep it burning.

It adds more ambiance and makes people feel more at home. Add some music in the background.

7. Don’t forget to add a couple of extra-cozy throws for your sofa and chairs.

We rush around all year long, including the holidays. Let’s encourage a few moments of relaxation for our family, our friends, or even yourself, especially with that fire roaring! Cashmere is my favorite.

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8. Every home could always use a few oversized floor pillows.

As we gather, reminisce, and open gifts, we rarely have enough chairs to go around, so make your guests comfortable with large down and feather floor pillows. They just might spend the night.

9. Don’t forget the guest room!

Bring out all of your holiday touches for this room — flowers, candles, throws, and holiday memorabilia. Whether it is family visiting or special friends, make them feel welcome and treasured.

10. Finally, the table:

Take the time to bring out the china, silver, and crystal. It may only be used once a year, but it is worth the effort.  Gathering around the table is the ultimate holiday experience. There are no set decorating rules. Make it special for you, your family, and guests. This is your time to shine!

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