Easy No-Carve Pumpkins (or Funkins)

This Halloween or fall, use funkins, or craft pumpkins that you can use year-after-year thanks to their longevity. You can use a myriad of tools to create any design you desire. Here, we created a modern black and white themed patch, but feel free to used colored paint or paint pens, different colored funkins, and you can carve them as well. 


Funkins (we used black and white in various sizes)
White and black craft paint
Painter’s tape
Paint pouncer or paint brush
White paint marker
Black permanent marker


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How To

1. Start with a craft pumpkin or funkin from your local craft store. You can get them on sale now the closer it gets to Halloween. I used black and white ones to create a modern motif.

2. To create the spider web funkin, take a white paint marker and draw vertical lines on the veins of the pumpkin. Then draw curved lines to connect them to create a web-like design. You may need to go over the lines twice to make them more pronounced.


3. To create a painted funkin, use painter’s tape and tape off the part you want to paint.


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4. Take white paint and a paint pouncer or brush and paint the bottom half white. Let dry overnight.


5. You can also take a white funkin, black paint, and a pouncer to create dots. Or use a permanent black marker to create a chevron pattern.