How to Incorporate Earthy, Natural Touches Into Your Westchester Home

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Ready to fashion your home into an environmentally sound oasis? Consider these eco-chic tips from two Westchester experts.

A trend that became especially popular when designing and redesigning homes during the pandemic will continue into 2022: back-to-nature. Many designers and homeowners have embraced sustainable and environmental selections, including natural fabrics; plants, which can produce a calming effect; and accessories that have an earthy feel.

To cultivate an eco-friendly look, consider adding greenery to elevate otherwise bleak spaces (succulents are an easy-to-maintain and aesthetic option for the indoors until we can start gardening outdoors). Despite the colder temps, bring the outside in: Plenty of windows that admit lots of natural light are an important way to feel ensconced among the elements. Furniture in organic shapes and patterns, upcycled accessories, and natural wood tones are grounding and continue to be staples when designing. Infuse earthy scents, as olfactory elements are an excellent way to create different experiences and structure throughout the home, says local aroma expert Caroline Fabrigas, owner of ScentFluence in Scarsdale.

While maximalism is on the trend radar, minimalism has a place here, as a lack of clutter can create a sense of serenity. Licensed real estate salesperson Maya Sheehan, of Compass and Dobbs Ferry-based The Suburban Collective, designed her own Ardsley home with this trend in mind. Says Sheehan: “With more time spent at home and indoors [lately], in 2022, we’re seeing a real trend toward reconnecting with nature by incorporating it into our homes. To achieve this, you can use natural surfaces in your home, such as wood, stoneware, ceramic, and marble, and combine these natural textures in neutral earth tones. In addition to adding depth, soul, and visual intrigue, these materials also create a calming ambience that mimics the outdoors.”

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