Book Of The Week: Shades of Grey

Rather than focusing on bright colors, Kate Watson-Smyth’s book centers around decorating in calming shades of grey.

There is no doubt about it, grey is the color of the moment and with so many different shades to pick from, it can be moody and mysterious, or it can be cool and calming and everything in between.

That’s why I love the new book Shades of Grey by Kate Watson-Smyth. I’m personally not into the psychology of color so much as the look and feel and how it is used in the design of a room.

A living room design as shown in the book.

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Kate does talk about the history of grey, why we love it, and the psychology behind it, which are all fine and good, but what I really love this book for is the tips on choosing the right grey and the myriad of examples from classic to modern that are shown throughout the book. There is really something for everyone!

Grey is definitely a new neutral, so you can use it to canvas an entire room or use it to create an accent wall or bookcase. The sky is the limit with what you can do with it and how you can mix it and match it with other colors and Kate will take you through how to do it and why.

Shades of Grey by Kate Watson-Smyth, $23.67