These Are the Best Design Trends of the Year in Westchester

Happy Days are here again as mid-century design takes center stage

Photo by Paul Johnson

Discover what’s trending now around Westchester County, and learn how to use the designs in your own home.

Mixing & Matching

mixed finishes
By Jacob Snavely Photography

“Our favorite design trends from 2023 are a myriad of mixing traditional and modern finishes, painted built-in bookshelves, and moving away from the ‘Modern Farmhouse’ trend and into the ‘Granny Chic/Grand Millennium’ moment. Our Bronxville project exemplifies all of these updated elements, and we love the way they showcase a classic and carefully curated composition.”
—Erin Coren & Lina Galvão, Curated Nest

organic modern
By Jacob Snavely Photography

“One of our favorite trends is what everyone is calling organic modern. To achieve this look, layer in textured, neutral pieces to create this multisensory experience. Use a mix of suede, boucle, and woven wallcoverings, as you see here.”
—Alana Irwin & Cami Luppino, Lulu Home

warm cozy home
By Hulya Kolabas Photography

“There is a shift away from sterile and ultra-clean design. There’s a growing appreciation for a warmer and cozier look in the home. This trend is all about adding personal touches, creating a space that reflects your personality and making it comfortable and inviting for you and your guests. In line with this trend, bespoke and one-of-a-kind items are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it’s a custom-designed piece of furniture or a unique work of art, these items add character and personality to your space, making it truly your own. These statement pieces are great conversation starters and elevate your home’s overall aesthetic.”
—Malka Helft, Think Chic Interiors

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Kitchen Trends

the black kitchen
Courtesy of Amazing Spaces LLC

“My favorite design trend of 2023 is the black kitchen. This bold and timeless hue adds a touch of sophistication to any space and can be incorporated in a variety of ways: sleek custom cabinetry, bold light fixtures, luxe faucets, and appliances, as well as furniture. One thing to keep in mind when incorporating black into your design scheme is to balance it out with lighter colors. Too much black can make a space feel dark and cramped, but when used in moderation, it adds an element of chicness and elegance.”
—Jason Landau, Amazing Spaces

Statement hoods and lighting
By Hulya Kolabas Photography

“In the kitchen, we’re seeing larger statements, with bold veining that adds depth and interest. The kitchen is the heart of a home and getting bigger. The kitchen has been transformed to resemble the qualities of a luxurious space. We are moving away from just a functional kitchen space and shifting to incorporate a kitchen space with style. Statement hoods and lighting will also continue to gain momentum. A hood range is often seen as a utilitarian addition to any kitchen, but with the right design, it can actually become a statement piece. It can make a bold statement while adding function to your cooking space. Similarly, adding unique and eye-catching lighting fixtures can create a one-of-a-kind look that sets your home apart. It’s all about adding character and personality to your space in whatever way you can.”
— Malka Helft, Think Chic Interiors

“As someone passionate about interior design, the appliance wall has captivated me as the standout design trend of 2023. Its ability to seamlessly integrate appliances, enhance functionality, and offer personalization options makes it a truly remarkable addition to any modern kitchen. The appliance wall invites us to embrace innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, transforming our kitchens into spaces that harmoniously blend practicality and visual appeal.”
—Suzanne Goldberg, SBG Design, Inc.

coffee bar
Photo by Paul Johnson

“The key to kitchen organization is for each task to have its own zone. I love adding a coffee bar to a kitchen so that all accessories and coffee necessities are in one place. But if the cabinetry doesn’t allow it, it’s great to have a coffee station on the counter. It’s fun to add a little personality with baskets, bins, and a fun organic backsplash tile.”
—Carrie Parker, Carrie Parker Interiors

5 Kitchen Trends from Bilotta Kitchen & Home’s Dulcie Acompora

1. “There’s a trend of adding curves or incorporating curved elements into the cabinetry particularly on islands. I love this and feel it really makes a statement.”

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2. “Blue-gray is trending as far as paint colors go, adding just a hint of color to the all-popular gray, such as Benjamin Moore’s Sterling Silver.”

3. “Another trend, which I personally love, is darker floors with lighter cabinets. It adds some contrast and an element of warmth especially to an all-white or a light-colored kitchen.”

4. “Move over subway tile! The trend is now for a more dramatic marble-slab backsplash, which I feel makes a huge statement in any design. Easy to clean too! If tile is more your preference, I love the trend of bold tiles for all-white kitchens. Very dramatic.”

5. “Another trend is hidden electrical outlets. This is especially big these days because of how many outlets people require in their kitchens daily, not just for countertop appliances, as has always been the need, but for charging the unending amount of personal electronics from phones to iPads/tablets, laptops for multiple people under the same roof!”


“In the past year, we all have been craving a return to nature and our roots. I think the COVID years destabilized a lot of our roots and that grounding was really important this year. I loved the return to what I call an organic-modern style. I have always loved to combine the natural, organic lines with more straight lines for balance and structure. I think that combination flows and grounds people at the same time. In terms of materials, we have used lighter woods, such as natural white oak combined with textured natural fabrics, and we have used California-inspired colors, such as terracotta, powder pinks, sand, blues, light greens, and off-whites. All these colors remind us of serene nature scenes, such as beaches and natural forests.”
—Alice Pirsu, Alice Pirsu Interiors

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Floral patterns on drapery and wallpaper
Photo by David Macaluso

“There is interest in creating environments that are supportive of our well-being. The idea behind biophilia is that we as humans are innately attracted to nature, so by using certain elements, such as green; certain sounds, such as water fountains; scents, such as candles can improve our physical and emotional well-being. Popularity in such TV shows as The Crown has created a fascination about the British royal family. The visually enriched rooms we see on TV have created a nostalgia for interiors that feel royal yet modern. Floral patterns on drapery and wallpaper are becoming very popular.”
—Claudia Giselle Tejeda, Claudia Giselle Design

wood wall panels
Photo by Paul Johnson

“I love to incorporate natural materials, like wood and stone, throughout my projects. The current assortment of wood wall panels and stone tile brings texture and dimension to traditionally flat elements.”
—Carrie Parker, Carrie Parker Interiors

Designer Carrie Parker loves rope and fabric light fixtures as a trend in 2023.
Designer Carrie Parker loves rope and fabric light fixtures as a trend in 2023. Photo by Paul Johnson

The Materials Make It

“One of the prevailing trends in 2023 that is still going strong is the use of white oak. Light, neutral, and timeless, white oak can swing modern or transitional, and people have really taken to this species for both millwork and hardwood flooring. White oak takes stain and oil beautifully and can look rustic if done in character-grade, or sleek and modern if done in select clear-grade. Though my work is on the contemporary and modern end of the design spectrum, white oak is a wood that works for many different aesthetics. The other trend I have seen is that homeowners are really embracing the fact that quartzite is the new countertop of choice. Durable, dense, and natural; quartzite has the beauty of marble with the durability of granite. At the stone yards, you will now see far more options of quartzite slabs, and they range from rich and moody to warm and transitional (Taj Mahal) to modern and minimalist (White Macaubus). The stone can take on a totally different look when honed or leathered, really highlighting the organic nature while still maintaining durability.”
— Megan Oldenburger, Dichotomy Interiors

Bookmatched slabs
Photo by Ian Huet-Gundill

“In 2023, the spotlight shone on natural materials and color palettes. In bathrooms, stone slabs were a popular choice. Bookmatched slabs are my favorite way to treat a shower. It adds a focal element guaranteed to stand the test of time. In this shower, we paired the stone with a dolomite marble tile on the walls and floor, which allowed the stone to be the hero. You can use bookmatched slabs just about anywhere you want a feature wall, but they’re especially wonderful in kitchens, bathrooms, and on fire surrounds. And with virtually no grout lines, cleaning is a breeze.”
—Jennifer McCabe, Duck Egg Blue

Beautiful & Bold Choices

statement tile
Photo by Siobhan Stanton Photography

Statement tile is such a fun trend because it delivers color, drama, and luxury in one fell swoop. The palette of lilac marble (from Sideli Studio in Dobbs Ferry) has organic variations of purples, like mauve, plum, eggplant, lavender, and of course, lilac. The dramatic veining patterns on the floor are offset by the soft colors of the herringbone mosaic on the accent wall. The lilac marble pencil liner tops the white glassos wall tile, creating a balanced showstopper. And like a statement necklace, a pendant hanging over a bathroom vanity gives the space a sculptural element and new depth. With so many innovative lighting fixtures out there, this trend offers an artistic way to include task lighting in a bathroom. The pendant chosen for this powder room delivers elegance and sparkle with its octagonal canopy and faceted crystal.”
—Judith Heimowitz, 7B Design

Photo by Eric Laignel

“We love how all the new LED technology is allowing for such innovative uses as backlighting stone and the ability for semiprecious materials, such as geodes, to be incorporated in slab form, turning powder rooms into a true jewel box.”
—Carol Kurth, FAIA, ASID, principal of Carol Kurth Architecture + Interiors

Photo by Tori Sikkema Photography

“Our 2023 design-trend pick would have to be ‘all things floral.’ From a classic, stunning arrangement on our center-hall table, to vibrant floral wallcoverings, to porcelain floral sculptures, we love all of it! We recently shot a project where we used vibrant green Schumacher floral paper, and every time I walked into that room, I had to smile — even in the depths of winter! We’re seeing deep and moody overscale florals from Phillip Jeffries as well as eye-popping floral color from Gucci. Floral-inspired hardware and lighting is everywhere right now. I think the concept of bringing the outdoors in will be with us for a while, and when you can do that as well as make a beautiful design statement, you’re off to a great start.”
—Elissa Grayer, Elissa Grayer Design

“People are really wanting to incorporate two elements into their homes: color and warmth. After many years of neutral palettes, people are embracing color, green being one of the most popular this year. It’s a shade that we typically associate with nature, so it is often used to conjure up a calming, connected mood. But used boldly, a green room can be exciting and brave. Adding rattan to a room is another way to bring warmth to a home. There is an attraction to natural materials, as they are comfortable and easy and can really soften the interior of a room.”
—Bentley Jane, Bentley Waters

forest wallpaper
Photo by David Macaluso

Wallpaper is having its moment. Whenever possible, we use wallpaper in as many rooms as possible. It’s a wonderful way to bring in color, texture, and interest to any room. For instance, when a parent is concerned about cleanability, because they have a toddler, we can propose wallpaper that is cleanable and scrubbable. We’re also finding that our clients are asking for tonal, bold, graphic patterns. These patterns are fun and work great when we want to make a bold statement. I am also loving the current trend of color-drenching. I absolutely love when we can have a monochromatic room.”
—Claudia Giselle Tejeda, Claudia Giselle Design

Trendy Products

“2023 has been the year of the curve. Clients love warm colors, textures, and now the warmth of a curved seat frame is done perfectly in dining chairs, sofas, and chairs. My favorite piece is the Arhaus Fresno Nubuck Leather Swivel Chair. The Verona Slate in Charcoal has a sand tone warmth that wins me at every glance. It’s stunning in any room. The Curve is fun, and this chair is so comfortable, two of these side by side are stunning. The curve has been so popular that our client’s favorite sectional, the Beale is now being made in a curve. We could put one in every home as we stock it in a warm white tech Crypton fabric that’s so easy to care for and the new curve is so conversational.”
– Tracy Reichert, Interiors Designer, Arhaus

Fresno Nubuck Leather Swivel Chair
Courtesy of company

Fresno Nubuck Leather Swivel Chair, $4,299; ARHAUS, The Westchester, White Plains;

Beale Four Piece Curved Sectional
Courtesy of company

Beale Four Piece Curved Sectional, $18,600; ARHAUS, The Westchester, White Plains;

“I’m a big believer that fashion makes its way into the home. The series Succession has everyone talking about the quiet-luxury aesthetic. Bottega Veneta, Stella McCartney, Loro Piana, [and] Brunello Cucinelli are luxury brands creating a loud buzz. In the home, folks want cashmere throws, custom Italian linens, and Venetian glass decorative objects. The good news? These items are high-quality and timeless.”
—Patricia Knox, Etoile, Bronxville

Cashmere throw
Courtesy of company

Cashmere throw, $695; ETOILE, Bronxville;

Murano XXl Hurricane Candle Holder
Courtesy of company

Murano XXl Hurricane Candle Holder, $325; ETOILE, Bronxville;

Freeform Organic Abstract Rings with Sisal Rope and Wood Beads Set
Courtesy of company

Freeform Organic Abstract Rings with Sisal Rope and Wood Beads Set, $325; FOFIE & MIA, Larchmont;

“With the textured fabrics and handmade bespoke items of 2023 trends, I picked [textured pillows and this sisal and rope bead set] from the showroom. Who doesn’t want this?! It’s how I feel when I see a great product. Seeing a great product is like meeting a celebrity!”
—Sophia Karpides, Fofie & Mia

Textured Beyond Sheep Pillows
Courtesy of company

Textured Beyond Sheep Pillows, $175; FOFIE & MIA, Larchmont;

“Antique floral wallpapers have been popular this year, adding a vintage touch to any room. We love this design by Uta Naumann. It features antique spring flowers and branches from the 17th century, painted by famous Dutch and other European painters. This exceptionally luxurious design will create a stunning feature wall.”
—Sarah Briginshaw, Sarza, Rye

Uta Naumann, Vintage Magnolia Garden Wallpaper
Courtesy of company

Uta Naumann, Vintage Magnolia Garden Wallpaper $11.50+ per sq ft; SARZA, Rye;

Light It Up from Chloe Winston Lighting Design

Mitzi Kiki Pendant
Courtesy of company

Mitzi Kiki Pendant $402–$474; Chloe Winston Lighting Design Norwalk

Color is popular, particularly in the kitchen, with pendant lights offering pops of color to otherwise lighter-toned cabinetry finishes and countertops.

Hannah Sconce from Palecek
Courtesy of company

Hannah Sconce from Palecek, $1,298; Chloe Winston Lighting Design Norwalk

We continue to see nature-inspired elements in lighting trending. Woven materials, like rattan, jute, and abaca rope, many types of shells, wooden beads, even alabaster — can’t get enough of these, and they are particularly popular for coastal (and near-coastal) living.

Hinkley Ezra Sconce
Courtesy of company

Hinkley Ezra Sconce, $149; Chloe Winston Lighting Design Norwalk

Of course, black fixtures are here to stay, offering a sleek, edgy, and sometimes industrial vibe. Warm gold-tone finishes, including brass, still edge out (with some margin) over silver tones. Their appeal tends to be adding a bit of luxury and timelessness to a space.

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