An Easy Shelf Upgrade

We have been slowly redecorating our house since we purchased it two years ago. The latest project on our to-do list was the living room (which you will be able to see more of in the summer 2016 issue of Home). 

I am all about a good DIY project, but with a toddler running around, work, and life in general, it is harder and harder to fit them into my schedule these days. That’s why I was so thrilled with the way this project turned out because not only does it look like a million bucks (a lot more than I spent on it), it also only took me an hour or so to complete. 

I started with a plain, white shelf from IKEA (that only cost me $79), but with my walls being white, the shelves were getting washed out. 

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Brass and gold have become all the rage as you can see here, so I decided to do brass accents in my living room to go with the preppy décor. In keeping with this look and feel, I decided to spray paint my IKEA shelf gold. 

Three cans of spray paint later (a total of $13), I had a shelf that popped against my white walls, but only cost me $94 from start to finish and an hour of my time.