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These Are the Best 3 Trees to Plant in Westchester


Oak Tree

Colwell recommends three varieties: the red oak, white oak, and pin oak. “[These oak trees] support a lot of wildlife and more than 500 different butterfly and moth species,” Colwell says. They also provide acorns, which serve as food for more than 100 species. “It is also a beautiful shade tree, as it gets rather large,” he adds. That height — they may reach 70 feet — is one possible drawback, Collwell explains, as people may not want such a large tree on their property.   


Amelanchier Tree

Also known as shadbush or serviceberry, the Amelanchier tree is one of the first to flower, and its purple fruit “provides [food] for a lot of birds, plus a lot of visual interest, as well,” says Colwell. “It’s very popular because it’s one of the first trees to put on a nice flowering display [in spring], but it has a nice autumn color, too.”


Native Flowering Dogwood

The native flowering dogwood has a lot to offer, according to Colwell: “You get the flower, the fruit, and beautiful fall color.” This tree (and the Amelanchier, too) are good for smaller properties, Colwell adds, as they only reach about 30 feet in height. —JA


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