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Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Downsize in Irvington

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After recently selling their Bedford estate, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones downsize to a modest 22-room Georgian in Irvington.

We thought we’d lost some Hollywood royalty earlier this year when Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones sold their 26-bedroom Bedford estate for a whopping $20.5 million, but luckily it looks like the couple was simply doing what many Westchesterites do: downsizing.Yes, after pocketing a little more than $9 million from flipping their old home, Douglas and Zeta-Jones are moving just a few miles Southeast to a comparatively modest twenty-two-bedroom mansion in beautiful, scenic Irvington called Long Meadow.

The mansion, located at 2 Fargo Ln, sold for just $4.5 million and was previously the home of Leonard Yablon, once the CFO of a little company called Forbes Inc. The manse itself comprises 8 bedrooms, 10 full- and 2 half-baths, a two-story library, and is listed at 11,653 square feet. The Georgian includes seven fireplaces, cabana, tennis courts, indoor pool, rec room, and a four-car attached garage. The 11.99-acre gated property also sports a separate guest cottage and unparalleled views of the Hudson. Annual taxes on the estate are estimated at $158,476 which — if you’re keeping up with the Douglas-Zeta-Jones’ — the couple could pay for the next 58.4 years after selling their Bedford home. Talk about some thrifty downsizing.

David Shankbone | Wikimedia Commons

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