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You Can Manage Your Entire Home From This App


All homeowners know that home expenses are not just the bills we pay each month, or the day-to-day tasks required to keep a house in tip-top shape. It’s so much more than that and when undergoing a large renovation or project it can take up that much more time. 

What if there was a home management site that could help with all of that? That is the idea behind hinged.com, which is now available in Westchester. 

It is free to homeowners and all you have to do to get started is sign up. A comprehensive home inspection will be conducted that will sync with the Hinged software, creating a customizable dashboard and maintenance plan. 

Homeowners can use it to track bills and spending, connect with local professionals even on demand for those repairs you need done right away (all professionals are insured and fully vetted), you can schedule maintenance and repairs, you can get alerts for preventative maintenance, and utilize online tax management tools, plus, all of your home documents can be kept in one place thanks to their secure, cloud-based system.  

It is your one-stop shop for keeping your home organized and you sane. 


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