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Transitioning Your Home Decor From Winter to Summer

Photo by Emily Sidoti

Rules to Keep in Mind

When transitioning the home from winter to summer, it is important to bring in a fresh feel and aesthetic that still fits your personal style and your home’s current state while adding light and bright details.

When focusing on the interior refresh for the change of season, you don’t have to make large purchases in order to create a summer-inspired space. For instance, you can add a new fruit bowl and fun-colored dish towels in your kitchen to add interest and brighten up the room.

Look toward adding pops of color through pillows and window coverings. These are also easy and affordable updates you can make without feeling too overwhelmed by a full-on renovation.

4 linen or light fabric pillows  +  3-5 summery accessories  +  small vase with greenery  =  a light and airy living space perfect for summer

Other Ideas: These quick fixes and updates can be utilized in all of your home’s spaces, as well. For example, bring in new frames for your photos along with decorative tabletop accessories to bring life to your bookcases.

Another great way to implement a dual-purpose interior is by bringing outdoor elements to the interior, such as playful bud vases with simple stems and greenery that can be added to a variety of areas. Bringing this life into your bedroom, your home office, your living room, and beyond can make all the difference when transitioning out of the winter months.


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