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This Living Room Is Designed Perfectly for Lounging


The Project:

A new home’s living room is redesigned for a family with young children. A wall unit serves as the focal point and includes storage, a workspace for the family, and a place for the TV and tchotchkes.


The Designer:

Maria Castro, California Closets


The Color Story:

The designer decided to go with a high-contrast palette featuring black and white. Her inspiration was the modern-farmhouse décor style; she added touches of warmth with the wood tones.


“The living room is the focal point of the home when you walk through the front door.”


Objects of Desire:

The objects showcased in the built-ins are a mix of items old and new. All of them bring memories and tie in the look and feel of the new home. To style your own bookshelves, Castro says to “have a healthy balance of large and small items. If you have a lot of small items, try grouping them together for a larger impact. Don’t be afraid to mix and match old and new items to create a style that speaks to your life.”


Favorite Part:

“The overall impact [this room] has in the space,” says Castro. “The living room is the focal point of the home when you walk through the front door. I also think the built-ins allow your eye to gravitate toward all of the smaller details that make up this large space.”



The finish of the built-ins is California Closets’ luxe matte finish in Dove coupled with reclaimed-wood accents.


Three Things Every Living Room Needs:

1. A focal point when guests arrive

2. Functional storage

3. A warm gathering area

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