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These Are the Best Flowers for Your Money


With more than 30 years’ experience, the people of Valley View Greenhouses in South Salem know a thing or two about growing flowers in Westchester.

At this third-generation family-owned business, Valley View veteran Jim Kenyon has seen garden trends come and go; these tried-and-true varieties are his favorites for the summer months.


Dragon Wing Begonias

“We love Dragon Wing Begonias — in pink or red — for their showy flowers, long bloom season, and easy care,” says Kenyon. “In shade or part sun, with big glossy leaves and abundant flowers that bloom right until the first frost, these are among our favorite annuals. Either alone in a hanging basket or planted in a garden bed, these are showstoppers.”



“For shady nooks in the garden, try Caladium,” Kenyon recommends. “Often called angel wings or elephant ears, these are tropical foliage plants with large, veined leaves in fabulous pinks, whites, and reds.” Kenyon suggests pairing them with ferns or begonias. You can make a great impression with just a few of these bountiful annuals (perfect for shade planters and beds), he adds.



For full-sun areas this summer, try SunPatiens. “These improved bedding annuals come in a wide range of colors and will perform well in hot weather,” says Kenyon. “They can be a compact flower or a vigorous three-foot-tall knockout, but one is never enough when it comes to SunPatiens. Plant them in multiples for the most impact.” Sun-and-heat-loving, SunPatiens also appreciate plenty of water, to keep them going all season.



“White, pink, or red, with an upright habit and large blooms, this plant loves the heat and will bloom all through the hot months of summer,” says Kenyon. “This one works best in flower beds and will attract butterflies and birds to your garden.”