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The High-Tech Mattress Promising You a Better Night's Sleep


Long gone are the days of only having one type of mattress or fighting with your significant other about what level of firmness is ideal. Westchesterites looking for the latest in high-tech mattresses can head to Country Willow in Bedford Hills for the M3 from Bedgear.

“This mattress is modular, which showcases dual-sided personalization,” says Mike Leibowitz, CEO of Country Willow. The unique mattress “allows partners who have different preferences [firm or soft] to have what they want without compromise,” he adds. It is the only one of its kind, offering two independent suspensions.

The bed does not look like a traditional, customizable bed; rather, its stylish look allows it to blend in with other mattresses. The M3 also has ventilation panels, which enable air to circulate and dissipate heat buildup. Plus, the top cover incorporates a cooling technology to help maintain sleep temperature. You can also choose between four comfort options for the coils, or suspension units: firm, medium-firm, medium-soft, and soft. “Over time, if a  person’s needs change, the suspension can be changed without the need to purchase a new mattress,” adds Leibowitz.

Pricing for the M3 (bed only) ranges from $1,649 to $2,499; with the bed and adjustable base, the range is from $2,749 to $4,299. All beds come with a 10-year warranty, and all foams are CertiPUR-US®-certified, meaning there are no harmful odors or emissions, and it’s made without phthalates.